Amit Kleinberger Is Growing His Frozen Yogurt Business Across The Globe


Frozen yogurt is a popular treat and Menchie’s has become one of the biggest chains of yogurt shops in the world. The man behind all of this success is the company’s CEO, Amit Kleinberger.

He joined the company back in 2008 as the CEO of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and has helped the company grow from just one unit to more than 475 stores in 14 different countries. While this footprint is impressive enough, there are plans to bring Menchie’s to even more countries. Among these are China and countries throughout the Middle East. Along with the United States, some of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, and China are among the 14 in which there are already Menchie’s Frozen Yogurts.

While some people like the idea of having other people make their food when they visit a shop, Menchie’s takes an entirely different approach. When you go to Menchie’s, you get to pour yourself a cup of yogurt and smother it in toppings that range from healthy treats to candy. Creativity is encouraged and Amit Kleinberger enjoys seeing the different concoctions that his customers are able to come up with at his stores. Almost all of their repeat customers have a favorite topping combination, but they still like to change it up and add different toppings.

While Amit Kleinberger may be a big name in yogurt, he is also doing big things when it comes to the pizza industry. As the Chief Executive Officer of MidiCi The Neopolitan Pizza Company, he has yet again helped to foster a unique experience for customers. While they are waiting, customers get to see pizzas and other food get prepared in wood ovens that are in the middle of the restaurant. It’s more of an experience than just a simple trip to a restaurant. While the experience is certainly a draw, he is exceptionally proud of the quality of food that is served to their guests across the United States. The ingredients used are always fresh and along with pizza favorites, special toppings like truffles can also be ordered.

Mechie’s has expanded their menu offerings to something a bit different than just yogurt and toppings. Amit Kleinberger is now proud to offer their world famous yogurt in their customizable frozen yogurt cakes. Now, customers can get their favorite photo printed on their cake which is making it popular for birthdays, office parties, and even weddings where people are looking for something a little bit different for their special day that is sure to leave an impression on their guests.

When he’s not busy with business, Amit Kleinberger is helping society through charitable giving and fundraising for schools and non-profit organizations. He has shown that he has what it takes to make it in the restaurant industry with an impressive amount of knowledge on the subject. He has been growing Mechie’s for more than a decade with big plans for the future. Even his pizza endeavors are going strong with their unique experience and quality food that has customers coming back for more.


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