AMD Gains Sales Opportunities During Intel Drought


New details of the Intel chip shortage have shown a massive dip in productivity, giving AMD the opportunity to seize customers during a critical upgrade period.

Personal Computer supply movement has been on a steady decline since last year, with a 3 percent decline in Q1 2019. A major contributing factor of lower chip numbers comes from fewer PC vendor sales, as many vendors have switched to AMD-based chipsets and systems for their products.

The Intel chip name usually dominates the premium bracket of processor. Unlike other industry giants that have global, non-tech knowledge such as Apple, covering the upper tier of processor sales may not be a significant advantage.

In mid and lower-cost processing, Intel’s shortage shows up the most. As many AMD users often flock to the brand for the cost-benefit balance, this market posture and ease of access represents a drastic shift in how budget and mid-level computer builders choose their core components.

Vendors aren’t likely to make rapid changes between processing units mid-year, since it may require significant changes in both engineering and market labeling. Vendors who are unable to source Intel chips have switched to AMD for availability purposes, but may stay with the brand to avoid expensive conversion and redesign costs.

For many vendors, it’s cheaper to stick with a processor change and simply build around compatibility issues throughout the year. Unless a major revision or new product is built, there may be no reason to shift to Intel within the year barring major flaws with AMD chips.

The shortage also forces some vendors who may not have considered branching out of the Intel ecosystem, with Intel potentially suffering if performance is similar enough to stay with the brand.

At the consume level, competition for efficient Intel processors has increased. The PC gaming community is one of the more vocal customer bases of PC components, and popular chips from Intel have been in short supply.

The Intel Core i5-8400 appears on multiple suggestions for gaming computers, but is often available only from third-party sellers at multiple online retailers.


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