Alex Mascioli Is Disciplined As An Investor And Hedge Fund Manager


It takes considerable patience and dedication to successfully traverse the corporate world and become a leader. Alex Mascioli has spent more than a decade climbing the ladder as an investor and corporate executive, which has certainly paid off for him in the end. Along with his investing success, Alex is the managing partner and CEO at North Street Capital, a hedge fund company specializing in leveraged buyouts and general equity. Alex has been in his position at North Street Capital since 2012 when he first founded the company.

Alex has spent a lot of time working with automobile company’s, specifically Spiker Cars and Saab. After some negotiations with the CEO of Saab, Victor Muller, Alex Mascioli made some offers to become involved with the company, but Victor was still unaware of Alex as a businessman and was not willing to go into business with someone he knew very little about. Still, these dealings opened the door for Alex to acquire Spiker Cars, following which Alex bought 70 million dollars worth of shares in the Saab corporation. In 2011, there were several press reports stating that Alex was in a position to take over control of Saab before they ceased operations in 2012, but these deals never came to fruition.

Around the time Alex Mascioli was pushing forth with North Street Capital, he also made an offer to Winnebago Industries for a full buyout. Alex Mascioli is a huge car enthusiast, which is why he was interested in Saab and Stryker in the first place, but that wasn’t enough for Winnebago to settle on a deal. Despite the premium offer from North Street Capital at 11 dollars per share, Winnebago was not satisfied that the deal was credible and neglected from selling the company.

Despite a few of Alex’s deals not going through for automobile companies, he managed to expand North Street Capital in 2014 with the acquisition of Hedge Solutions in Los Angeles. This new development was in collaboration with North Street Capital Global Fund Services COO, Joseph Musto, and effectively placed Alex Mascioli’s company on the west coast to deliver its services to more clients.

Although Alex Mascioli was born in Peurto Rico, he has since settled down in Connecticut in the United States. As always, Alex spends a considerable amount of time on his investments, especially in the automaker industry. He has been featured in various business articles throughout the media on his dealings with company’s like BMW, Saab, Audi, Mercedes, and Jaguar.

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