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In 2005, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji founded Stream with a brilliantly simple idea: selling energy by word of mouth. The company founded in Dallas, Texas, now serves Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C. as one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. Over the years, it has launched Wireless, Digital Voice, Virtual MD, and Identity Protection services. Stream now offers a multitude of different wireless services.

Stream Energy’s Wireless Service Division  

Stream Wireless offers the most for less. With one plan available, users get everything they need for a fast, secure, and up-to-date wireless plan. Unlimited talk, text, and data are provided on the nationwide network with the most high-speed bandwidth. 4G LTE data speeds of up to eight Mbps are offered through the nation’s fastest network. Wifi calling and a mobile hotspot at maximum plan speeds is included. That means that as long as users are connected to Wifi, it works anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to change a phone number or device to accommodate a new plan. With the Stream wireless plan, consumers don’t have to worry about that and are now able to use their same numbers and devices. While it seems like this plan couldn’t include any easier terms, the company isn’t done yet. No contracts are necessary, because why complicate convenience?

How could such a practical, user-friendly plan come without a hefty cost? It’s simple: your lines, your price. Prospective customers can access price previews on the website. Selecting the desired number of lines shows buyers what they can expect to pay. At just $35 a line per month, it’s hard to find a better deal. Customers can additionally receive a limited time promotional offer of just $30 per month per line if they act fast.

Fast Data That’s Great for Video Streamers

Video streamers can expect faster than fast data. In fact, Stream Energy provides up to 12 times faster data for only an additional $10 a month. With over 100 Mbps data speeds, users really are getting “all the speed you’d ever need,” according to Stream.

Internet connectivity on mobile devices in today’s society is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Mobile device users not only use their devices for pleasure but also for work and business. Users have a constant need to stay connected online for varying spans of time and, often, for long periods. Because of this, the 4G mobile network is now the way to go for mobile users.

4G mobile networks have amazing benefits, like their fast speeds. The increased bandwidth leads to much faster data transfer speeds. Users get the advantage of “superior, uninterrupted connectivity, especially for advanced tasks such as video chats and conferences.” Customers can stream music, videos, games, and their favorite movies or shows from sites and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. They can do all of this on their mobile devices without experiencing lags. This is especially important for younger generations that expect fast streaming at all times. Sharing information online is much easier as well.

4G networks ensure online security with complete privacy, security, and safety. These aspects are especially important for those who handle sensitive information on their devices, like corporate establishments and businesspeople. With more coverage and a wide variety of payment plans, 4G networks are increasing the choices available to mobile device users.

Because of the 4G speeds that Stream Energy offers to its customers, video streamers will have a much easier time streaming their favorite content faster and more efficiently for just $10 extra a month.

The Devices Offered

Deciding on a new device can be overwhelming. But Stream makes the process easy by offering many featured products for users to choose from. A used or new Apple iPhone 7, the LG G6 platinum device, the LG Tribute Dynasty, and the Motorola Moto E5 Plus are included at different GBs. If the upfront price seems too much, financing options can be set up to help customer’s budget according to their needs.

However, if a prospective customer feels content with their current device, they have the option of switching to a better, more affordable service while still keeping the same phone and number.

Staying Connected Internationally

Staying connected internationally is something that can easily become expensive with other providers. But for an additional cost of only $5 a month, customers can receive Stream International Plus. This includes discounted calling and free messaging all over the world, unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada, and wireless-to-wireless service.

In addition, unlimited messaging to over 180 countries like Australia, the Bahamas, China, Colombia, France, Iraq, Japan, Ireland, and Russia is available. However, rates may vary depending on the country. No matter where your friends or family may live, trust that affordable international calling rates are included. Plus, unlimited international texting from the United States is only five cents each. With Stream’s easy to navigate website, not only can users view all rates per country but there are also maps that show coverage plans.

Stream Reveals Wireless Trends

Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices

Today, wireless charging is found everywhere, from toothbrushes to earbuds. Among all devices, wirelessly charging has become the way of the future.

In the last few years, since the popularity of wireless charging has grown, so have its capabilities. The first wireless charging mat delivered a mere 2.5 watts and has grown, with the latest spec, up to 15 watts. Of course, plugging your phone in old school is still necessary on occasion. However, the convenience of being able to lay your phone down on your desk at work or on the counter while you’re cooking cannot be beat.

Wireless charging pads don’t require as much maintenance as USB ports that often break with too much use. Because of this, restaurants and even trains are now adopting this method of charging for customers. According to Digital Trends, “the Wireless Power Consortium has its sights set on the kitchen next, with big wireless charging pads that sit beneath your worktop and can deliver 2KW to wirelessly power blenders or hotplates. This can help people when space is at a premium.”

Wireless charging is constantly being pushed to the limit, with more possibilities coming in the future as companies strive for more and more efficiency. Because Stream Wireless is determined to give its customers the easiest and best wireless services and devices, it’s also offering charging accessories as well for easier and on-the-go charging.

5G is the Future

Technology is constantly being pushed to a higher standard. The limits are becoming boundless, so what’s next? 5G is coming. With a whirlwind of new developments persistently making themselves known, it’s hard to imagine how 4G could be old news. But that change is on its way faster than we think.

Compared to 4G, 5G uses smaller and more antennas, operates on a higher radio spectrum frequency, is capable of connecting more devices to the internet, reduces latency, and delivers much faster speeds, according to Matt Bohlsen at Seeking Alpha. 5G is expected to be 20-100 times faster than 4G. And while 4G offers fast streaming and internet connection, “5G will provide super-fast internet connections for homes and businesses, enabling ultra-high definition video, better video conferencing, virtual/augmented reality, improved gaming, and much more.”

Of course, brands like Apple will be the first to partake in 5G networking as soon as this year or next. Additionally, brands like Nokia and Samsung will benefit greatly from 5G. Because Stream is always staying ahead of the game and providing its customers with the fastest speeds possible, when 5G hits the internet, customers should expect to see the best coverage possible.

Get Ready for Proliferation of Devices

The demand for more is increasing; users aren’t content with a simple landline anymore. Whether at home or work, people need smartphones, smart televisions, voice controlled speakers and assistants, watches, security systems, and more. Users need to have easy connection and access to all of their devices whenever they want. Connecting everything together quickly is what the population has come to expect. Phones need to be able to control and connect to all other aspects of daily life.

Because of these reasons, fast wireless connectivity is the glue of a network. Stream offers 12 times faster 4G LTE data so users don’t have to deal with the frustrations of latency or lagging. With Stream’s proven top speeds in over 250 markets, users can expect their collection of devices to be securely connected.

Keeping Data in the Cloud

With the increasing need for smart phones, smart wireless plans, and smart energy, 5G isn’t the only thing expected for the future. Artificial intelligence systems and their development are underway. Many workers are fearful that they will one day soon lose their jobs to robots. How could we expect such advanced AI systems to hold such advanced information? By using the cloud.

For AI robots, the cloud is a necessity because of its ability to offer agility and added storage. The cloud has other benefits as well, allowing “robots to take advantage of the rapid increase in data transfer rates to offload tasks without hard real-time requirements.” Robots have also been grasping objects with cloud enablement.

While AI should make jobs easier for everyone, keeping data in the cloud will ensure much more security not just for consumers using their smartphones but also for companies like Stream that hold information and strive to provide customers with optimal data speeds and memory. According to Cambium Networks, “edge devices will be able to collect data, and artificial intelligence in the cloud will aggregate and analyze data to deliver useful predictions and decisions. This will improve security and reliability. Networks will be comprised of many technologies, leveraging the features that best meet the specific information and business case requirements. Fixed wireless broadband in its many forms will coexist with other technologies to provide the best possible connectivity solution.”

Artificial Intelligence is Making Way

According to a New York Times article, 5G will provide support for smartphones and activities like downloading an entire movie in seconds. It will also provide less latency for robots, self-driving cars, security cameras, and drones.

5G will make AI-powered devices even smarter. With people always needing to be connected to one another, the same goes for AI networks. The goal is to improve cognitive learning. 5G will give us the ability to communicate much more clearly with our computers with much faster speeds, more data, and contextual thinking. AI-enabled devices will have an easier time understanding their environments and “the context in which they operate” thanks to “the ability to access additional information quicker through 5G networks.” This will “supercharge” AI-powered services and make them much more reliable in a plethora of situations.

For wireless providers like Stream, this is the start of a very fast and unlimited network that customers can look forward to in the next few years.

More Connection Requires Better Protection

Although wireless networks are providing customers with increasing amounts of speed, data, and offers, this also increases the security concerns for the public. It’s important now more than ever for companies to focus not only on the product but the product security as well.

Stream provides protection in multitudes, with 24/7 tech support, daily automatic backup for multiple devices, best practices performance and security assessment, 100GB of secure cloud-based storage, discounted in-person tech services, and BitDefender Internet Security + Antivirus / Antispyware Software for PCs. Plus, the company offers identity protection services. Other services include personal data misuse monitoring and alerts, identity restoration, social security monitoring and alerts, $1 million identity theft insurance ($0 deductible), 24/7 lost wallet assistance, change of address monitoring alerts, and a full resource center. Roadside assistance is also available to Stream customers.

Wireless trends are becoming the ways of the world. It’s important to constantly be adapting, changing, and upgrading. Consumers want to feel up-to-date with high-speed internet connectivity, unlimited international communication, video streaming, and on-the-go charging. Stream Energy goes above and beyond to ensure protection and wireless services for the best prices possible. The next few years will bring bigger and better things, and Stream is always making sure to stay on top of the wireless world.



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