Social Media Companies Will Be Investigated by President Trump


There has been much discussion about the liberal bias that has been displayed on a regular basis by the national media in the United States. That bias has now spilled over into social media companies and various TV shows. President Donald Trump said in a news conference at the White House that he will be investigating social media companies for their bias against conservatives. He also said that the news agencies of TV networks and some TV shows would also be subjected to federal investigations. He did not mention which TV shows will be targeted. However, it is assumed that “Saturday Night Live” will be one of them. Trump is routinely lampooned on the show in sketches where he is portrayed by Alec Baldwin.

Some of the largest tech companies in the United States are going to feel the wrath of President Trump. He specifically mentioned Google, Facebook and Twitter in his speech. Trump is famous for his love of Twitter. He uses the social media platform almost every day to promote his agenda, praise himself and criticize his enemies. However, Trump feels that there is collusion against Republicans going on inside the walls of these Silicon Valley giants.

Trump was not specific regarding the exact methods that he would use to investigate the social media companies, news networks and TV shows. It is also unclear if the president of the United States has the authority to launch such investigations. No prominent people from the large tech companies cited by President Trump during his speech have made any public statements as of yet. It has been no secret that Silicon Valley, like the rest of California, leans very far to the left. Some of the largest political donations for Democrats come from big tech companies and the people who work for them.

President Trump’s remarks about social media companies having a liberal bias comes as many democrats have announced their candidacy in the 2020 presidential race. The role that these large social media and tech companies play in the election and the upcoming presidential race will certainly be a big topic of discussion in the coming weeks and months. The power that these platforms have to influence the thoughts of voters cannot be underestimated. President Trump is very aware of this fact. Therefore, he wants to find out the extent of the collusion against Republicans and put a stop to it.


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