New App Measures The Shininess Of Your Skin


There is a new app called Reflexion that measures the light that is reflected on the skin. It can identify skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles and oily conditions. This allows a person to get personalized beauty product recommendations.

It is important for people to have products that are suited for their skin type and specific needs. It can also help a person choose the right type of makeup. For example, if a person has their skin analyzed beforehand, then they will be able to find a foundation that best matches their skin.

Reflexion is an app that uses artificial intelligence technology. It will first assess how shiny a person’s skin is. After that, a person will get a list of product recommendations. One of the many great things about this app is that it does not require any additional hardware.

The app works by measuring how light is refracted on the skin. It will illuminate the face and take multiple pictures of it. Picture will be taken from different angles. Artificial intelligence will be used to create a map of gloss and reflectivity of the whole face.

The app has received rave reviews since its debut. Robin Ferraby is a consumer commercial manager at Cambridge Consultants. She stated that Reflexion gives better insight into the dermatological makeup. She also stated that it is a breakthrough in the beauty tech industry.

Additionally, Robin said that she likes the fact that it works by using the standard camera function on the cell phone. It uses existing hardware to analyze the secrets of the skin. She also stated that she was excited to have such a major development in the beauty industry.

You can download the app on your iOS or Android device. It is free for you to download and use this app.


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