New App Helps Fight Homelessness


A Spokane company has created an app that will help fight homelessness. The name of the app is Life Connect. It was created by Ed and Gail Stevenson, who are the CEOs of the Life Recovery Solutions.

It connects homeless people and people who are struggling with mental illness or addiction with the resources that they need. The app has a virtual assistant called Zoey. The virtual assistant is constantly checking on people and asking them if they need something.

Life Connect was first released in January. Ed stated that it is going to be a game changer for the homeless population. Mayor Condon stated that the city spent $8.5 million on homelessness last year. There are a lot of services out there to help the homeless, but many people do not know where they can find them.

Ed stated that it will not be hard for people to use the app because most of the homeless people in the city have a smartphone. He also stated that mental illness, homelessness and addiction tend to isolate people. The app can help bring people who are struggling with the same issues together.

Gail stated that they know that they will not be able help all of the homeless people in the city. However, she says that even if they can help 50 percent of the people, a major difference can be made. They want to help people get off of the streets. They also want people to find hope and meaning in life.

The first version of the app was created 3.5 years ago. They tested the app on 12 people. Only one of the people who used the app relapsed. The app is given to people who provide mental health care. After that, they will share the information with their clients.


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