Milk Street is Headed to Streaming Services

Milk Street is Headed to Streaming Services
Milk Street is Headed to Streaming Services

Located in downtown Boston, Milk Street is an innovative culinary company. It offers a magazine, cooking school, a public television show, and a radio show. The company was founded by Christopher Kimball. Many of the company’s television episodes are aired on PBS stations.

Chris Kimball founded Cook’s Magazine, which is now known as Cook’s Illustrated, in 1980. With decades of experience, Mr. Kimball integrates innovative cooking techniques with traditional culinary arts for a broad range of fast, easy, and delicious dinner options.

The Company’s Popular Cookbooks

Milk Street; The New Home Cooking is one of the company’s cookbooks. This cookbook is popular because it offers recipes that are easy to make. The recipes are based off ideas from all over the world. This cookbook features recipes that are free of ingredients that are difficult to find, and it also uses all-day methods and basic cookware. The cookbook offers 125 new recipes that range from grains, salads, simple dinners, and desserts.

Milk Street: Tuesday Nights is another cookbook offered by the company. This cookbook features more than 200 recipes that are easy to prepare and make. The recipes are ideal for weeknight dinners. The recipes in this cookbook are structured by the way you cook. There are some chapters that offer recipes and tips for those who want a fast cooking time, which is usually under an hour. Others offer a faster start-to-finish time of 45 minutes or less, and there are some chapters that offer recipes that can be prepared and served in under 25 minutes. There is even a section that offers ultrafast recipes that Mr. Kimball refers to as 20-minute miracles.

Another cookbook offered by Milk Street is Milk Street: The New Rules: Smart, Simple Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. Mr. Kimball developed recipes for this cookbook that simplified the preparation and cooking process. This cookbook also provides readers with useful tips that make cooking more simple. These tips and the step-by-step recipe instructions help to ensure that results are perfect.

The Company’s School

The company offers a cooking school in Boston and an online cooking school. Both options allow users to work at their own pace and progress with clear and concise lessons. The videos walk users through recipes and also offer quizzes, cooking challenges, and more than 10 recipes for every class.

New Online Store

Mr. Kimball has been successful in his efforts to offer easy and delicious recipes. Milk Street now offers a broad range of hand-picked, curated cooking items from all over the world. These items were selected to make meal prep and cooking more efficient. The company has started a partnership with Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland to design a line of kitchen tools that are durable and affordable. In addition, the Milk Street Store donates 10% of its profits to non-profit educational programs, which include the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester and the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.



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