Huawei Comes Out Swinging. Canada Got Meng In Cuffs, And Trump’s Hitting Ren In the Pocketbook


The president doesn’t do much preaching about U.S. technological advancements. He really couldn’t care less about the tech world, according to recently published books about him. Now and then he’ll talk about 5G and how the government should control it. He said he wants to control 6G too. Techies say that confirms why he doesn’t do a lot of preaching about tech.

The Chinese seem to have technology running through their veins. The Chinese government made a point to teach tech skills while Trump tried to figure out the con he would use to help him graduate from Wharton. There are more than one million electric cars on roads in China. The age of the bicycle and smoggy cities is now the age of consumer spending and a techno-savvy workforce.

Huawei is an example of that progress. The Chinese giant does business all over the world. But Trump wants to stop that. The U.S. government can’t use Huawei products anymore. And Huawei said that’s not legally okay. According to Huawei’s legal team, the Trump Administration claims Huawei spies for the Chinese government. So what Trump did was pull Huawei out of the tech herd, and he found the company guilty. And then, without a trial, the U.S. government sentenced Huawei by hurting the company where it hurts most. In sales and profit numbers.

Lawyers for Huawei say Trump’s edict to write Huawei off is a bill of attainder, in legal terms. And according to some legal experts, Huawei may have a good case.

There are reports that say the Chinese want Trump to play fair in the tech world. And that’s a reason the trade negotiations keep going back to square one. Another reason is Trump wants to control the negotiations even though he has no clue what memorandums of understanding are.

Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou wants a legal piece a Canada too. The Canadians did Trump a solid when Canadian border officials arrested her at Vancouver’s airport. She had to post a $5 million bond and wear an ankle tracking bracelets for the last three months, Meng waited patiently for the Canadians to do the right thing and let her go. Her arrest, according to the Washington Post, had Trump’s political thumbprints all over the Meng situation.

Now that Meng’s extradition is about to take place, she filed a lawsuit against Canada’s border agency, national police force, and government. The border officials didn’t interrogate her in the right way, according to the lawsuit.


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