How a Robot Can Park a Car


For the first time in the world, the debut was presented on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at a French airport, Lyon-Saint Exupery, of a robot named Stan. Stan will make airport parking at airports much less stressful.

Stephane Evannothe, the COO of Stanley Robotics that developed Stan in partnership with Aéroports de Lyon, describes the robot as the world’s first outdoor robotic valet parking service that is essentially a self-driving forklift. It autonomously detects the make and model of the vehicle that you drop off in a special hangar in a spacious box designed at the entrance.

You take out your bags and keep your keys. The terminal lets you verify the information of your flight, validate the reservation, and confirm the parking using just a few clicks. The box secures the vehicle while you wait for the robot to take over. Stan slides a platform underneath the vehicle, lifts it up gently by its tires, and carries it away to a designated and secure storage area in an outdoor car park which is not open to the public, only to the robots. That limits the risk of break-in or damage. Because of its technology, space there is optimized to create up to 50 percent extra parking spaces.

Upon your return, there is no need to search for and walk to your vehicle. It will be waiting in a box ready to take off.

Stan, an impressive robot valet technology and outdoor automated robotic valet system, will indeed relieve the extra stress on airline travel passengers caused by searching for their vehicle’s parking space, which often takes far too much time away from catching a flight. Additionally, the environmental impact gains Stan good marks as a “green” solution; the battery-driven robot is 100 percent electric so pollutes less than cars that are moving around searching for a parking space.


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