Understanding the Work That Goes into the Creation of Lumosity Games

Creation of Lumosity Games
Creation of Lumosity Games

If you’re an avid video game player or even just someone with an interest in the craft of developing video games, then you likely know that it takes an incredibly long time to get from square one to the finish line.

To complete the game, developers have to pour hours of their life into it every day for long months and years. They have to be truly passionate about what they do, or else they will struggle to finish the game.

That same amount of hard work and dedication goes into the creation of the games featured on the Lumosity app.

Though they are considerably smaller in scale to AAA and even indie titles that are released for current-gen gaming platforms, it still takes a lot of work to create the games that people use to keep their minds sharp.

Creation of Lumosity Games
Creation of Lumosity Games

How the Lumosity Development Process Gets Started

Before the developers even begin to conceptualize a game that they may decide to include in the app, they will first spend a considerable amount of time simply researching what it is they need to do.

The scientists at the Lumos Labs will closely examine methods that have been successfully used for the purposes of cognitive training in the past. They focus specifically on the training methods that are meant to improve a person’s memory and ability to pay close attention.

It is worth pointing out here that the scientists at the Lumos Labs do not just simply take the exercises and then implement them into the app right away. The process is more complicated than that.

Instead, they will do one of two things with those familiar cognitive training methods.

First off, they may decide to adapt the cognitive training method in such a way that its effectiveness can be increased significantly. They want to improve upon the exercises so that they can be more helpful to app users.

Besides adapting, the scientists at the Lumos Labs may also decide to create their own exercises while using the methods they were studying as inspiration. That way, they can create something new that will still be helpful to the players.

Collaboration Is Key

Research is only one part of the process. To move the game development process forward, the scientists will have to work together with the designers to create the framework of the final product that will go in the Lumosity app.

Game mechanics are put in place at this juncture. The scientists and designers also make sure that the mechanics function in such a way that they will challenge a specific cognitive ability.

The Finishing Touches

With their work completed, the scientists at the Lumos Labs will hand off the project to the developers to be finished.

During this part of the process, the developers will add the interactive features that will make the game more engaging. A theme is also added so that players are stimulated by what they are seeing onscreen.

That development process has been followed diligently to ensure that the 40+ games included in the Lumosity app are all capable of positively affecting the players. Thus far, the players have been very receptive to Lumosity’s efforts as evidenced by the high ratings that have been given to the app by Android and Apple device users.

People who want to keep their minds as sharp as possible will want to give those Lumosity games a try. They are the products of hours upon hours of hard work and they will help the mind stay in prime working condition for a longer period of time.

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