China Accuses Two Canadian Diplomat Of Spying While Huawei’s CFO Sues The U.S. Government


There’s a movie deal in Huawei’s future if the company wants to relive the nightmare that has the company in an international fight for justice. Huawei is a huge player in the tech industry. The company does business all over the world thanks to the smartphone components they supply to the big phone makers.

But even though Huawei products help sell American tech products, the United States doesn’t want to buy Huawei products anymore. According to T-Mobile, Huawei and the other big Chinese Tech company, ZTE, spy for the Chinese government.

That claim, as well as other claims about Huawei’s close relationship with the Chinese government, makes them a target on the world tech stage. The U.S. wants to stop U.S. companies from buying Huawei products. And the U.S. also wants Europe to blacklist Huawei as well.

Trump’s trade war with China has a lot to do with how American consumers perceive Huawei. Intellectual property rights protection is a key element in trade negotiations. The Chinese think the arrest on Huawei’s Chief Financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Canada last year, is part of the trade war. China thinks Trump set Meng up when she got off a plane in Vancouver and walked away in Canadian handcuffs.

Meng is a pawn in the trade deal with China, according to a Washington Post article. According to other reports, Mr. Trump instigated Meng’s arrest for violating sanctions against Iran.

Wanzhou will take her illegal arrest to the Canadian courts while her father, the founder of Huawei, sues the U.S. government to prove his company does not spy for the Chinese government. But just to make sure Canada feels the pain of siding with Trump over Meng Wanzhou’s extradition, China arrested two Canadians diplomats living in China.

Michael Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat, is in serious legal trouble now that Meng’s extradition to the United States is underway. The Chinese say Kovrig is a Canadian spy. And the other Canadian, Michael Spavor, is in Chinese custody for helping Kovrig spy, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

If the United States decides to put Meng on trial for sanction violations, the Kovrig and Spavor will face those spy charges in a Chinese court. Huawei’s CEO plans to continue its fight to stop Trump unjust treatment of Meng and Huawei in order to gain more leverage in trade war negotiations.


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