Apple’s AirPods 2 Have Arrived!


For those of you who use AirPods for many things such as meetings, podcasts, listening to audiobooks and music, as a companion when taking walks, when traveling, and more, you are probably curious as to what the just-announced update is all about regarding the AirPods 2.

Although the buds and the box look the same as before, there are many improvements such as a new H1 chipset, new onboard “Hey Siri”, 30 percent lower latency, 50 percent more talk time, and a new inductive charging case as an option.

The big change is the addition of Apple’s new H1 chip with the company saying it creates improved synchronization and a revolutionary audio experience. That means twice-as-fast connection times between all Apple devices and 50 percent extra talk time, one hour more than first-generation AirPods.

The H1 chip helps facilitate the widely-awaited addition of always-on voice recognition, meaning that instead of having to double tap one AirPod, you just have to say “Hey Siri” to activate the voice assistant.

A disappointment is no changes in the design and that the AirPods look identical to the original ones which are over two years old. Some reports had been claiming that version 2 would come in black and maybe other colors; and, more importantly, the new ones might have a soft-touch coating and a grip that would help them stay in the ears more securely.

Although the new wireless charging case comes with a hefty add-on price, it provides the AirPods with 24 hours or more of battery life by dropping it onto a Qi-compatible pad. Apple’s promise is five hours of listening time and up to three hours of talk time on a single charge. If your charge runs out, you can take a short break and then are able to charge up to three hours in only 15 minutes. No flipping open is needed because the light moves and you can tell what the amount of charge is with just a glance.


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