Apple Soon Launches TV Streaming and News Services


March 25 will go down in the technology industry record books. On that day, Apple launches two new massive projects. The technology giant’s streaming television and subscription news service both make their planned debuts. With the arrival of these two new ventures, Apple expands further beyond its original concept as a computer company.

Apple does need a hit with these two ventures. The company’s fortunes have not proved entirely stable over the past year. Apple’s MacBooks continue to sell well on the consumer electronics market. The company’s revolutionary smartphones, however, experienced ups and downs. The Apple Watch turned out to be a dud. Domestic and international sales of Apple products didn’t deliver the expected results in 2018. So, the company’s stock slid after hitting record highs. The arrival of a television and subscription news project brings forth great potential although Apple does take a big risk.

Questions do exist about whether demand exists among consumers for new services. Netflix, Amazon, CBS, and YouTube already released online streaming services. Established subscriber bases for all these services currently pay a lot of money each month. Does demand exist for another one? The Apple name isn’t what it once was, so the company can’t rely on its brand to draw in new subscribers. Perhaps Apple sees streaming as the wave of the future. Broadcast and cable television may be going the way of the drive-in movie theater. Apple may wish to establish a foothold with an eye on the landscape of ten years from now.

A news service, however, may prove even riskier for Apple. Cable television news channels remain incredibly popular even with subscribers cutting the cable cord. Yahoo! and others present free online news to the millions already connected to the internet. Apple’s bundling of a subscription-based news service might find connecting with an audience difficult. The company does appear confident the public wants a new information service. In time, the world will see if Apple’s assessments are correct.


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