Trump Ghosts The Technology Sector In His SOTU Address


The messages in Trump’s State of the Union address didn’t surprise anyone. The president tried to promote unity in his address, but all the Democrats heard was empty words from the president. His 90-minute address was more about his perceived accomplishments than unity. His comments about the unfair investigations lit a fire under Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. Pelosi told the press Trump tried to threaten the Democrats during his address.

Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has the entire Trump family in his crosshairs now that Trump tried to subtly intimidate the Democrats during his address. The Democrats say 2019 should be an agonizing investigation-filled year for the president and his family.

Trump’s address didn’t surprise members of the House and the Senate. But what did surprise most lawmakers was Trump’s blatant omission of the word “technology” in his address. He said the word once during that 90-minute braggadocios performance. Trump didn’t talk about investing in cutting-edge startups that will be the catalysts for economic growth now and in the future. Technology will play a major role in the nation’s infrastructure update. But Trump ghosted the technology sector so he could spend more time talking about his great economic decisions and his claim that he prevented a nuclear war.

The White House realized Trump vague mention of technology would create a firestorm in the tech industry. The White House tried to cover Trump’s insensitive tracks by referencing the administration’s quest to promote artificial intelligence and other hot tech topics that Trump ignored in his address.

According to the deputy assistant to the president for technology policy, Michael Kratsios, the country’s future depends on the technological advances of today. Even though Trump ignored technology in his SOTU address Kratsios said the president wants to lead the world in artificial intelligence development as well as in quantum science, and the 5G wireless initiative. Kratsios statement was a typical cover-the-president’s-backside kind of comment. Investing in digital infrastructure solutions is a Congressional priority. But Trump missed the chance to bring more awareness to that effort. Mr. Trump showed the country he considers technology an afterthought rather than the sector of the economy that will drive growth over the next ten years.

Mr. Trump’s steel border wall is all he can think about. But the security experts know a steel wall won’t solve the border issues. The experts say technology will do that. But the president has a hard time listening to the experts. He believes his gut, not technology, knows best.


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