The Apple Store in Stockholm Is a No Go


At one time, the Apple name conjured up images of the most successful tech companies in history. History ran its course in 2018 as Apple continued to run into problems during the year. Early 2019 also reveals drama and troubles for the company. Recently, Apple announced intentions to sell off property purchased for an intended retail store in Stockholm.

Apple never expected any problems when it purchased retail space for its superstore. Controversy, however, arose almost immediately. The public made it know Apple was not welcome in Stockholm. The property currently houses a TGI Friday’s and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The exact location of the planned store sat in the middle of the city’s Kungstradgarden section. Since the Kungstradgarden is commonly associated with noncommercial public events, the public wasn’t thrilled about Apple’s profit motives. Oddly, the TGI Friday’s gets a proverbial pass.

To say Apple’s corporate executives are unhappy about the situation would be an incredible understatement. Anger can’t alter the fact the company’s plans have been blocked. The public won out in this controversy. Had Apple invested in a better public relations campaign things could have turned out differently. Or, perhaps, public ire was too considerable to overcome under any circumstances.

Apple’s misfortunes over the past year consistently return to woes with its iPhone sales. The company hasn’t set any market on fire with new devices. The company’s overall brand, however, hasn’t suffered in the way Facebook has. Apple did not find itself mired in controversies like the social media giant.

Bad publicity over Apple’s weak sales and slumping stock prices doesn’t help the brand though. Apple needs a win. At the very least, the company must avoid any more negative news. The Stockholm fiasco adds more headaches to a company that finds itself at the center of bad news time and time again.


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