Robotic Technology Detects Lung Cancer


New robotic technology is making it easier for doctors to detect lung cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the six places in the country that is using the Auris Health Monarch Platform. It is an FDA-approved device that allows doctors to take a biopsy of the lungs and detect cancer. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has used this new device for one month. They have already diagnosed 16 people with cancer.

Dr. Daniel Nader is the Chief of Staff at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He stated that lung cancer kills more people than prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. He stated that the Monarch Platform allows doctors to detect lung cancer in the early stages, which makes it easier to treat.

Dr. Nader assisted with the research for the Monarch Platform. The FDA approved it back in May 2018. The Monarch Platform is easier to use than traditional scopes. Traditional scopes can be hard to operate. The Monarch Platform can also get down further into the lungs.

Theresa McMasters was one of the first people to use the new robotic technology. She drove all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma to use it. She had smoked for 30 years before she quit three years ago. Her bronchial tissue had swollen so much that a traditional scope would not fit.

She was scared to use the robotic technology because she did not know what to expect. However, she said that the procedure was easy. Theresa has stage four cancer. It has spread to her skull. However, she is thankful that she had it diagnosed.

Theresa has already started radiation and will begin chemotherapy soon. She is ready for all of this to be over. Dr. Nader stated that it is important for people to get tested early because they may not have any symptoms. The only symptom that Theresa had was a cough.

Robotic technology is more accurate than other testing methods. It is also less likely to cause complications. Dr. Nader stated that robotic technology will soon be used to manage kidney stones, neurology and GI complications.


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