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At The RealReal, you’ll find everything from the finest Gucci handbags to stunning modern wall decor. Built on a consignment model, the retailer has quickly become the go-to shopping destination for style-forward individuals who want to nab great prices on luxury brands. Stylists choose the best pieces to consign. There’s even a rigorous, behind-the-scenes vetting process at The RealReal that’s designed to help ensure that buyers are getting real-deal luxury goods instead of sophisticated knock offs.

There’s a lot to love about The RealReal, but knowing how to find the best pieces in a sea of thousands of luxury items can be difficult. If you’re into the latest 2019 trends, you might find it even harder to find that perfect dress or watch before someone else buys it. Don’t worry, though, because there are some easy strategies you can use to find the most on-trend looks anytime you shop The RealReal. Read on to learn about seven strategies to help you nag the hottest deals.

Know When New Pieces Are Listed

There’s a lot of competition to buy the best new consignment pieces listed on The RealReal. After all, who doesn’t want to buy an on-trend, high-end item at a discounted rate? Knowing when new arrivals are posted on the site is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you can buy trendy items before everyone else.

According to the site, new arrivals are posted daily at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. California time. Logging onto the site every day at those times is a great way to find new pieces. This strategy works particularly well if you’re looking for an amazing new shirt, jacket or other item but don’t have a set brand in mind.

You can also sort items on any category or brand page by newest arrivals. If you know that you want a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, you can simply check the Vuitton section of the site and sort items by type and arrival date. This is one of the easiest ways for avid shoppers to score great deals on trending designer items on a regular basis.

Find the Best of the Best with the Editors’ Picks

If you know that you want an on-trend piece, but you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, what should you do? On The RealReal, you can just head to the Editors’ Picks area. This section of the site is where you’ll find the hottest new arrivals as chosen by The RealReal’s experienced stylists. The editors’ section is a hub for trendy items and classic standards alike.

Use Year and Season Tags in Your Searches

Many shoppers on The RealReal navigate to the merchandise area that’s of greatest interest to them, such as women’s coats or children’s shoes. However, this tactic isn’t very effective if you’re looking for a spring 2019 item or a dress from a designer’s 2018 fall collection. Thankfully, you can use keyword-rich searches to find merchandise that’s of interest to you.

Try combining a year or season with a designer’s name. For instance, you might search for “Prada 2019” if you’re shopping for a hot item by that designer as a gift. You can also search by item type and year. For example, you can enter “dress 2019,” and the site will return a list of all items whose descriptions match your criteria. From there, you can use The RealReal’s standard search filters to tailor the results to your exact needs.

Make Good Use of Your Obsessions

Maybe you already spend plenty of time on The RealReal marking new “obsession” items. You can make the most of this habit by obsessing on the hot seasonal items you want and checking your Obsessions page frequently. This is a quick way to see the latest markdowns on trending 2019 items. Of course, you’ll have to check the Obsessions page frequently if you’re hoping to beat everyone else to that great Gucci belt or Vuitton wallet.

Consider a First Look Membership

If you want to shop on The RealReal, you’ll need to sign up on the site. The basic sign up is free, and there are no purchase or recurring charge obligations. If you really love the site, though, you might want to consider investing in a First Look Membership. There are two levels of membership available that offer different benefits.

The $10-per-month First Look Membership includes

  • Special offers designed for First Look members only
  • Curated sales emails sent twice a day
  • 24-hour advance access to sales
  • 24-hour advance access to wait list items

The $30-per-month Platinum First Look Membership includes

  • Special offers designed for First Look members only
  • Curated sales emails sent twice a day
  • 24-hour advance access to sales
  • 24-hour advance access to wait list items
  • Unlimited upgrades to two-day shipping

First Look Membership is a great choice if you shop The RealReal regularly and want access to all of the new merchandise first. This is particularly true if you’re interested in very popular brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Having a 24-hour jump on everyone else when it comes to buying merchandise is one of the best ways to get the most-desired looks of 2019.

Customize Your Mobile Feed

With The RealReal’s mobile app, you can shop for luxury no matter where you are. That convenience is great, but the app offers more than just on-the-go shopping. You can also create and customize feeds on the app so that you see a constantly evolving collection of goods tailored to your style. Even better, you can create feeds for both very general and very specific searches. If you want to stay apprised of all the new Gucci items added to the site, you can create a feed for that. If you’re looking for something very specific, such as a pair of blue Stella McCartney pants in a size 10 for under $80, you can create a feed for that too. Check in on your mobile app feeds regularly to make the most of this trend-finding tool.

Take a Spin in the Vintage Section


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The person who has everything may already have a Birkin, but do they have an Hermès x Peugeot bicycle? 🎁

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Yes, you’re looking for the hottest trends of 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the vibrant Vintage section of The RealReal. Here you’ll find the authentic vintage items that inspired today’s hottest trends. You can search the vintage section for your favorite designers or look for specific items such as jewelry or shoes that fit your needs. You might be surprised at just how on-trend some of the items you find are.

Luxury aficionados in Los Angeles and New York can also shop for the trendiest 2019 looks by stopping at one of The RealReal’s brick-and-mortar warehouse locations. Regardless of whether you shop the site online or are able to visit a warehouse in person, you’ll only score the latest trends if you check in with The RealReal regularly. Luxury is always in demand, and you won’t be able to score the most on-trend looks of 2019 if you don’t stay one step ahead of other buyers.

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