Dubai Will Be Getting A Vegan Takeout App


There are several takeout apps in Dubai. The city already has Zomato, Talabat and Deliveroo. There is another app available for people who want to order vegan food. The name of the app is Pronto Eat.

Pronto Eat only delivers food from restaurants that have high-quality ingredients and adhere to strict food safety standards. It also makes it easier for people to filter food options based on their dietary restrictions. Pronto Eat is already available in East London. It will be released in Dubai later in 2019.

Abul Rob is the founder of Pronto Eat. He used to work for a company named Just Eat. He stated that Pronto Eat is geared towards people who are trying to eat healthier. Over 1,000 people already use Pronto Eat. They have the option of ordering from 100 restaurants.

Rob said that he hopes that the app will make it easier for vegans to order food. It can be hard to order vegan food if you do not know what is in the dishes. However, it is becoming easier for people to go vegan in Dubai. There are more restaurants with vegan options than there were in the past.

In order for a person to eat a full plant-based diet, they will have to cut out the dairy, meat and all other animal products. Not only are more restaurants serving meat-free options but there are also more supermarkets with vegan options. Additionally, there are vegan-friendly beauty options. Pronto Eat is making things easier for everyone.

There are several things that you can do with the Pronto Eat app. Not only can you order food with the app but you can also register your restaurant with the app. Additionally, you can earn loyalty points every time that you choose to order with Pronto Eat.


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