Activision Announces Refunds for Guitar Hero Live


Over the last decade, many video game fads have come and gone. With that in mind, many people will probably remember gathering with their friends to play either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. These video games had players using plastic controllers made to replicate musical instruments. For quite a few years, these games were popular throughout the United States. Unfortunately, many players will be sad to hear about Activision’s latest plans for Guitar Hero Live.

Declining Popularity for Rhythm-Based Games
In recent years, the demand for Guitar Hero and Rock Band continues to decline. That being said, there are still many people who enjoy playing these games. One of which was Guitar Hero Live, the most recent title in this series of video game titles. A major selling point for this game was a feature known as Guitar Hero TV. This mode allowed players to access an online library of over 200 songs, much more than the 23 on-disc songs.

Activision Issues Refund After Ending Guitar Hero TV
Many video game companies include online game modes in their releases. Unfortunately, these companies will sometimes end online access for titles with waning popularity. Considering that, many Guitar Hero Live players were shocked to learn that Activision had canceled this feature. In a response to this situation, Activision will now be offering refunds to Guitar Hero Live owners. GameSpot reports that this refund is available only in the United States for those who bought this game after December 2017. Anyone wanting a refund will also need to provide some type of purchasing confirmation. If you’re able to verify that you bought this game, you’ll need to also submit a claim form. Industry experts feel that Activision is offering these refunds in an attempt to avoid any type of legal trouble from angry fans.

In conclusion, Activision recently made an announcement that they will be issuing refunds for certain Guitar Hero Live owners. This decision was made shortly after Activision pulled the plug on this game’s Guitar Hero TV feature. Guitar Hero Live is still widely available on many video game platforms including the Xbox One, PC, and PS4.


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