The AI Era Is Flexing Its Muscles and Manufacturing Is in Its DNA


Donald Trump worked his special kind of voodoo swooning powers on the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy during the first segment of his ongoing campaign to be the president for life. The President wants to be par with his nemesis Chinese President Xi. Trump gave factory workers in the middle of the country a song and dance about bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. That took place in 2016 when he tried to get into Mexico’s pockets so he could build a monumental steel wall along the Southern border of the United States in his honor.

Trump’s plan to bring jobs back to the United States started with his trade war with China. Trump knows China picked up the pieces of our manufacturing age when most able-bodied workers wanted to do something else. People across the country wanted to get a college education or work in an office.

Most manufacturing jobs went away when the market price of everyday products couldn’t go over an established amount in the consumer market. Most American consumers had a limit on what they would spend on a suit or a pair of shoes. Back in the 1970s, consumers forced the shoe and clothing businesses to make their products in China because domestic factories couldn’t match China’s factory prices on the same items.

The United States has to reinvent its manufacturing sector in order to stay competitive with emerging markets. Artificial intelligence is on the cusp of turning the old manufacturing and computer ages into the age of Artificial Intelligence. And that means people will compete with robots for the same job.

According to the Brookings Institute, people who live in America’s heartland will face the double-edged sword that AI brings with it. The doors Artificial Intelligence opens will take humans to another level of awareness and creativity, according to Rob Maxim who co-authored the Brookings Report. But during that process manufacturing jobs disappear.

Information about Artificial Intelligence didn’t come to the surface yesterday. The government wrote about the demise of basic manufacturing jobs years ago. But the government thinks they have time to prepare as long as the current political factors are still in place. But it’s not going to happen overnight. The Brookings Institute claims it will take 30 years before AI cuts workforces in all parts of the world. People are still king and queens of the manufacturing sector in this era of Donald Trump.


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