Razer to Launch First Official Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One


Since its release more than five years ago, the Xbox One has only supported traditional controllers featuring analog sticks, buttons and trigger. However, that’s about to change as Razer prepares to launch the first official keyboard and mouse set for the Xbox One.

Known as the Turret, it has the potential to level the playing field between Xbox One gamers and their PC counterparts. The demand for keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One has increased in the wake of new cross-platform games like “Fortnite.” Arguably the hottest video game on the market, “Fortnite” allows gamers on all platforms to play together. The problem with cross-platform play such as this is that gamers on a PC have an advantage because they can use a keyboard and mouse. The combination of a keyboard and mouse allows for smoother, quicker movements in first-person shooter (FPS) games than an Xbox One controller.

Xbox One gamers can soon use a keyboard and mouse, though. According to Engadget, the Turret is currently available to pre-order through Microsoft’s online store. While a release date hasn’t been announced, Microsoft’s store states that orders will ship by March 3.

The Turret is a wireless keyboard and mouse set, so it uses rechargeable batteries as a power source. Razer says that the Turret will last about 40 hours before it must be recharged.

Of course, using the Turret requires access to desk or table. Most Xbox One gamers play on their living room TV, which could make Turret integration difficult.

At $249.99, the Turret isn’t cheap, but it packs some impressive features. The product page on Microsoft reveals the keyboard and mouse set has Adaptive Frequency Technology to support fast wireless coupling with the Xbox One. The Turret is also built to withstand a lot of use. In fact, Razer says the mouse will last for up to 50 million clicks and the keyboard for up to 80 million keystrokes. Whether this is enough to justify its $249.99 price remains to be seen. But with cross-platform games like “Fortnite,” many gamers will likely purchase the Turret so that they aren’t at a disadvantage to their opponents on a PC.


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