How AI is Changing How People Obtain Employment


Throughout recent years, many job-seekers have had to deal with a tiresome and time-consuming hiring process. This process often involves applying to the job and, if you’re lucky, completing a series of phone or in-person interviews. However, technology is helping to ensure that this process changes for future job hunters.

Using AI to Hire and Retain Candidates
If a few startups have their way, companies will take different approaches regarding finding the right candidates. For instance, Eightfold wants to utilize artificial intelligence to help companies find the best talent. By using their own sets of tests, this could enable companies to find the right kind of workers much faster than normal.

Using Software to Reduce Employee Turnover
After finding excellent employees, it’s vital for companies to avoid losing them due to turnover. Fortunately, many startups are working to provide solutions that help companies solve this problem. In addition to their recruitment services, Eightfold utilizes a system to help employees understand when they feel burned out and need a break.

The Growing Popularity of AI-Based Employment Solutions
TechCrunch reports that, in 2018, 43 companies utilizing artificial intelligence were able to raise either seed or early-stage funding. For instance, employment engagement company Peakon has already raised an astounding $33 million. While these types of software are in their respective early stages, major changes could be on the way.

To summarize, there are several ways that artificial intelligence is beginning to change the job market. Instead of going through the rigorous process of multiple interviews, companies might reach out to job-seekers with the help of software. Another important metric that companies monitor is employee engagement. Considering that, several other companies are working to ensure that employee’s health is monitored. In turn, they can receive alerts whenever they need to relax and take a break. However, these types of technologies are still in extremely early stages.


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