Biggest Tech Companies Meet to Talk About Significant Issuesbiggest Tech Companies Meet to Talk About Significant Issues


Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, recently told journalists that he often meets with other leaders of the biggest tech companies to discuss issues affecting the industry. He said that among the many issues that they discuss, they focus on the targeting of the industry by regulators and how to ensure that their companies survive the onslaught.

He was speaking in Seattle when he met with a group of invite-only media personalities. He was quick to point out that these meetings have brought about significant developments in the way tech companies work and how the cushion themselves from the groups that are keen to bring them down.

When the meetings began

Although Smith did not name any names of the executives or the companies that he met with, he said that the meetings started about 23 months ago. They began by discussing the immigration issue. This time was the point when President Donald Trump called for a ban on immigrants from countries that are majorly Muslim.

The Microsoft president said that when they meet, each company states its position on these issues and that they compare notes. In addition to that, he said that the meetings are regular pointing to a more spirited effort to have a common stand when it comes to major issues affecting the industry and the country in general.

Who attends the meetings?

Journalists sought to know the names of the people who attend these meeting with one inquiring particularly about Facebook. On this, Smith did not give a definite answer but told them that they could put pieces together and find a solution by themselves.

What he insisted is that they do not exclude anyone from their meets as long as they are from a successful company that has a worldwide appeal. He also said that the issues that they often discuss are not limited to the United States or the tech industry alone, but the world as a whole. They also try to agree on the steps that they can take together.

Smith went further to say that it is good when tech companies have a reason together. When they are faced with a common problem, he believes that they can only succeed if they encounter it together. While pointing out that Microsoft was the first of the big tech companies to undergo regulation, he said that the meetings will go on and was optimistic that there would be a lot of success stories emanating from them.


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