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Presence of more than 4,500 consumer electronics companies provided a lot of excitement for participants of CES 2019, held in Las Vegas. Even the absence of Apple was not enough to deter the anticipated release of high-tech gadgets that will shape our world in the coming year. Perhaps, the imminent launch of 5G, next generation wireless network, was the talking point of trade show.

According to Verizon CEO, Hans Vestberg, 5G will likely prove a game changer as it is expected to be almost ten times faster than 4G. Considering the quantum leap in speed from 4G to 5G, experts suggest that we may see a lot of innovation after 5G is introduced in the market. In fact, consumers will soon be able to use 5G networks because a number of companies are eager to release products on 5G platform.

Another gadget that caught the attention is foldable screen TV, introduced by LG. After watching a TV show, anyone can just roll up the screen, and pack it in the bag. The technology is also introduced in cell phones as a Chinese company will be the first commercial enterprise to offer foldable cell phone to the public.

Beating consumer electronics giants such as Samsung and Apple, FlexPai is the first foldable cell phone on the market, sold for $1,318. The price tag for the phone may seem high, but it is practical for first-time launch. Those who had the chance to check the new phone suggested that there is still space for improvement, but foldable cell phone technology is certainly on its way.

Bridging the technology gap is yet another Chinese company, Nreal. This startup company is known to compete in augmented reality by copying popular AR devices such as Microsoft HoloLens. Irrespective of the business strategy, Nreal is ready to take AR to the next step by offering a lighter version of 3D glasses, so that users don’t feel awkward when wearing glasses to experience 3D world around them.

Muse 2, a headband that can read brainwaves, and transmit signals from a human mind, is a brainchild of a Canadian manufacturer, Interaxon. The headband provides auditory cues to scientists who can use it to understand the state of the mind of a person doing mediation. If successful, the headband can prove a benchmark for a variety of scientific studies. It’s true that lots of gadgets such as heated razor and “Impossible Burger” will take some time to reach the market; however, we should be ready because the future certainly looks, “technical”.


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