Trump Set To Intervene In Case Against CFO of Huawei Technologies


United States President Donald Trump explained on Tuesday that he might be willing to intervene in a developing case by the Justice Department against an executive working for Huawei Technologies of China. The president says he would do so if his intervention would support national security or improve trade conditions with China.

The chief financial officer for Huawei, Meng Wanzhou was placed under arrest December 1 in Canada. Meng has been accused of providing false information to banks worldwide concerning transactions Huawei made with Iran. Officials say the misleading information put the banks at risk for violations of sanctions against Iran set by the U.S.

President Trump was asked directly on Tuesday if he would intervene in the case. He expressed a desire to do whatever was best for the United States. The president elaborated by saying if intervening in the case would help what would be the largest trade deal in the world’s history come to fruition, he would definitely do so.

Meng was granted bail on Tuesday by a Canadian court after spending ten days in jail. She is now awaiting a hearing to determine if she will be extradited to America. The agreement to allow her bail is seen possibly as an American-influenced attempt to ease the anger of Chinese officials.

The bail for Meng was set at more than $7 million. The conditions of her bail require her to wear an ankle monitor at all times. She is also required to remain in her home from 11 PM each night until six the next morning.

A Canadian judge will decide if there is evidence enough against Meng to justify her extradition to the United States. If this turns out to be the case, Meng would face conspiracy to commit international fraud charges under American laws that can result in possible 30-year prison terms for each charge.

Meng’s arrest has possibly worsened an already undesirable relationship China has with Canada and the United States. The tension until now has centered around Trump Administration accusations of spying against China and the escalating trade war that is being engaged by the countries.

President Trump explained that he has not yet spoken on the matter with Chinese President Xi Jinping but says that officials in Beijing have been in contact with members of the Trump Administration.


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