Samsung Partners with Google to Include Assistant in Its TVs


Certain models of Samsung TVs will soon support Google Assistant. According to The Verge, Samsung is planning to release several new TVs in 2019 that feature Google’s voice-controlled virtual assistant.

Samsung already has a digital assistant, Bixby, which is included in many of its TVs and other smart devices. But Bixby has failed to gain the traction of its competitors, specifically Google Assistant. Many users have complained that Bixby doesn’t always interpret voice commands correctly and often responds to their commands with the wrong action.

Rather than trying to fix Bixby, it appears that Samsung is joining forces with Google to use its virtual assistant. Details of Samsung’s partnership with Google haven’t been disclosed though sources say that Samsung will include Google Assistant in its 2019-model TVs. The addition of Google Assistant would allow users to control their Samsung TV using voice commands. The TVs will feature a microphone, either internal or external, that listens to the user’s voice commands.

Samsung isn’t the first TV manufacturer to use Google Assistant. LG Electronics has already released several TVs featuring Google’s voice-controlled digital assistant. Considering that Samsung has its own proprietary voice assistant, though, the company’s partnership with Google is somewhat unusual.

Samsung continues to dominate the TV market. Statistics show that roughly one in five of all liquid-crystal display (LCD) TVs sold in 2017 were manufactured by Samsung whereas only 12 percent were manufactured by LG Electronics. Part of Samsung’s success can be attributed to its ability to adapt and evolve to market conditions. With the majority of tech users preferring Google Assistant over Bixby, for example, Samsung has decided to use Google’s digital assistant in its TVs.

In addition to Google Assistant, Samsung is planning to upgrade its TVs with a new adaptable sound feature. When the ambient noise level is high, the TVs will automatically increase the sound volume so that users can hear it better. And when the ambient noise level is low, the TVs will lower the sound volume.

Google is expected to announce its partnership with Samsung at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2019.


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