New App Available for People Who Need to Get Snow Removed


Winnipeg recently will have its first major snow storm this week. Even though many people love the snow, they do not like removing it. There is now an app that will make it easier for people to get their snow removed. The name of the app is OntheStep. Buhle Mwanza is the founder of the app. He stated that it is like Uber for people who need to get snow removed.

Buhle worked on the app for months before he released it to the public. The app connects people who need to get their snow cleared with shovelers. People will be able to download the app for free and set up a profile. They will be able to request a service when the snow falls in large quantities.

People will be notified when the shoveler arrives. They will also be updated on the progress. Additionally, the app will let the person know when the shoveler gets paid.

The app was released back in November 2018. However, the Winnipeg has not had a major snow storm yet. Environment Canada recently released a statement saying that Winnipeg can expect its first snow storm this week.

OntheStep has teamed up with Hire-A-Refugee. This is an organization that helps refugees find jobs. However, there are not enough shovelers to meet the demand for services.

Shovelers responded to their first request on Wednesday, November 29, 2018. The team was shoveling snow until 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Tyrel Praymayer is one of the shovellers. He is also the marketing manager for OntheStep and a student at the Asper School of Business.

Tyrel stated that snow is a bonding experience because everyone in Winnipeg experiences. The team stated that they are looking forward to the first major snow storm. Buhle stated that snow has a different identity now.


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