Google Maps Updated to Include Scooter and Bike Rental Locations


You now find places to rent a scooter or bike using Google Maps. According to CNET, the popular mapping service has been updated to include Lime rental stations. After entering a destination, Google Maps users will see the nearest Lime station listed under “Also Consider” where they can rent an electric scooter or bike.

Founded January 2017, Lime has quickly become one of the world’s most popular scooter and bike rental services. To rent a scooter or bike, users must first download the Lime app on their mobile device. Once downloaded, users can can unlock a bike or scooter for just $1. However, Lime charges users an additional 15 cents for every 15 minutes they use the bike or scooter, which is charged to their credit card or debit card stored on the app.

Previously, users would have to launch the Lime app to find a scooter or bike rental station. Thanks to the new Google Maps update, though, there’s an alternative method available now. When you search for directions on Google’s mapping service, it will display the location of the nearest Lime station, including the estimated walking time from your destination.

Google Maps already displays listings for Uber and Lyft. Displayed in the same area as Lime stations, the ride-hailing services show an estimated cost and pickup time. Users can even book an Uber or Lyft pickup directly from Google Maps. How much money these ride-hailing services paid Google for this partnership is unknown. Considering the widespread usage of Google Maps, though, it was likely a substantial amount.

Not all users will see Lime stations listed in Google Maps. The Mountain View company is launching the service in just 13 cities as part of a pilot program. Assuming the service goes as planned, however, Google Maps users throughout the world may soon find Lime stations listed in Google’s mapping service.


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