Nintendo Rumored to Release YouTube App for Switch


There’s a YouTube app for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so why hasn’t Nintendo released one for the Switch? Since the console’s launch on March 3, 2017, Switch users haven’t been able to access YouTube. That may soon change, however, as Nintendo is rumored to be developing a dedicated YouTube app for the Switch.

According to ScreenRant, the official Nintendo website has published several images depicting the YouTube logo captioned with “Nintendo Switch.” The mysterious images also state that YouTube will be available for Switch users in November. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed the YouTube app, but these images are certainly telling. For Switch users, it suggests that a YouTube app is right around the corner.

Considering that YouTube is one of the most popular websites, surpassed only by Google, it makes sense for Nintendo to develop a YouTube app for the Switch. And with the holidays approaching, the timing couldn’t be better. A dedicated YouTube app will allow Switch users to watch videos directly on their Switch console as well as their TV or display device.

Nintendo has lagged behind its Microsoft and Sony competitors in terms of app support for its current-generation video gaming console. Both Microsoft and Sony offer hundreds of apps for their respective consoles, but Switch users are currently limited to a single app: Hulu. Last year, Nintendo released the Hulu app, allowing Switch users to stream movies and TV shows to their handheld console.

In addition to a YouTube app, Nintendo is also rumored to be working on a Netflix app for the Switch. If true, this would likely pave the way for more Switch apps, including a web browser. The Switch doesn’t feature a web browser, but some users have found an exploit that allows them to browse the internet using their handheld console.


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