New App Making It Easier For You To Clean Your House


It is now easier than ever to have your house cleaned. All you have to do is download a new app called Scrubz. Parm Johl is the co-founder of the app. He stated that he created an app to make it easier for people to get cleaning services for their homes.

Josh Sanghera is also the co-founder of the app. He stated that convenience is what many people today are looking for. They do not have a lot of time to clean their homes and need someone else to take care of the job for them. That is why they want to have everything at their fingertips. After you download the app, you can choose the type of cleaning service that you want.

You can choose to get a basic cleaning or an in-depth cleaning. The prices will start at $59.99. Perm stated that Scrubz works a lot like Uber. It cuts out the middleman and has two people working together. He also stated that services like Scrubz will work well in a Gig economy.

Josh said that people are able to message their cleaner as soon as they book it. The app creators also stated that they have taken steps to ensure that clients and cleaners are safe. You will be able to see the profile of the person who is cleaning your home after you book it. The cleaners also undergo a background check before they are allowed to work.

The app has been a success. Twenty people have already used this app. Parm stated that there are a lot of people in the Central Valley area of California. He also said that they are focusing on making their product better and more efficient for people. They are hoping that people across California will start using the app.


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