Making Personal Finance Easier for the Masses


Financial planning is an activity that a lot of people evidently find very difficult. That is the realization that many companies have come to as they realize now that there is a market for creating technologies that can help people map out their financial future more easily.

Making Personal Finance As Easy As Ordering A Pizza

A big part of the problem of people not saving enough of their money for retirement boils down to the fact that it has been made burdensome for them to do so. There are so many appointments to make and so much paperwork to fill out. Many do not even fully understand what they are signing up for when they start working on their financial future to begin with. All of these factors are an ultimate deterrent for people to do the right thing. It means that personal finance companies have a long way to go to promote themselves and help customers better understand what they are potentially getting into.

CNBC says that new apps for our smartphones are springing up every day that try to help us do personal finance right. These apps cover everything from nudging us in the right direction to save more money to actually setting up an investment plan for us.

People Still Like To Speak To A Human Sometimes

There is still a big segment of the population that would prefer to speak with a human being at some point during their financial planning. It is common because people may have more complex transactions that they need to discuss with a real person to get the straight answers that they require. There are some things that a piece of technology simply cannot handle.

Many are starting to think of the financial technology that they use as the first step towards a better financial future, but they don’t necessarily want to turn absolutely everything over to technology.

Planning In Small Steps

Technology is helping people to start making some financial choices for their future, but it is not necessarily getting everything accomplished for everyone. It is mostly helping to take a few of the baby steps towards better planning. It may help you set aside a little bit of money here or there, but you are still going to need some help to get everything across the finish line. Use these only as a way to kickoff the process.


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