Home Buying Moves to the App Realm


At one time, the idea of buying anything online was considered odd. After people became used to purchasing “small things” via the internet, they moved onto buying automobiles. Today, purchasing a car online through an app isn’t news anymore. People embraced online auto shopping long ago. The next phase in online shopping has arrived: home buying via smartphone apps.

Buying a car without test driving the vehicle seems a bit risky. Consumers do report good experiences with this approach. Buying a home without ever visiting the property comes off as outrageously risky. Others may warm up to buying a home in this manner.

Modern technology makes taking part in a virtual tour effortless. Pulling up the visuals of an interior and exterior in a 3D display requires nothing more than tapping a touchscreen. Based on what the home seeker sees, he/she may put forth an offer. Offers don’t constitute a closing though. With traditional home buying, a would-be buyer and seller can back out of a deal before the closing. An app-based online home buying endeavor could work the same way.

In the coming years, home buying could experience a radical new direction. Apps and buyer/seller attitudes could evolve. Homes might be purchased outright without any in-person visits. Attitudes towards technology and online shopping softened over the past two decades. Consumers possess a high level of comfort with online shopping. Many younger people didn’t grow up in a world without online buying. Why wouldn’t they be more inclined to home shop online?

Using an app to shop for a home doesn’t always involve making an offer or an outright purchase. Programs assist with narrowing down selections. The continued growth and development of artificial intelligence now lend an assist here. AI programs may narrow down choices and recommended selections. Home buyers might not struggle as much to find a desirable property. AI programs make the recommendations.

Consumer technology continues to evolve in unprecedented ways. The current impressive concepts for home buying assistance apps will only get better and more advanced. Will the day come when someone can buy land and order a custom home via an app? There is no reason to think such a concept won’t become the norm.


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