Fallout 76 Becomes One of Bethesda’s Worst Reviewed Games


Each year, video game fans eagerly await a slew of new titles. Considering that, many gamers were anticipating the release of Fallout 76. This title is the newest installment in video game company Bethesda’s critically-acclaimed Fallout series. Unfortunately, the release of this game has been met with large amounts of criticism. In this post, you’ll learn the details behind Bethesda’s disastrous launch of Fallout 76.

The hype for Fallout 76 began with a launch trailer that had everyone on the internet buzzing. For the first time, players would be able to rebuild a world of their own in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Shortly after this trailer launched, Bethesda’s Todd Howard gave a presentation at e3 about this upcoming release. Many fans began to become skeptical of this game after Howard announced that Fallout 76 was an always online, multiplayer experience. This news divided many fans but there were still plenty of people supportive of this new direction for Fallout.

The skepticism would continue during Fallout 76’s beta launch. In the world of gaming, a beta launch allows certain players to experience the game before its official release. Many fans noted that Fallout 76 was full of bugs, others were unable to play the game at all due to server crashing issues. During this time, Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 would not be available on Steam. Many PC gamers felt this was Bethesda’s way of avoiding critical fan feedback of this company’s newest release. However, the backlash against this title would soon become even worse.

The backlash would arrive in the form of many negative reviews by IGN, GameSpot, and many other websites. In their scathing review, IGN called Fallout 76 a “buggy mess.” The Xbox One release of this title currently has a Metascore of 48/100. This makes Fallout 76 one of the worst reviewed games in Bethesda’s entire catalog.

In conclusion, Fallout 76 has become one of the lowest-rated games in Bethesda’s entire catalog of releases. This game has been almost universally panned for its large amount of bugs, no Steam release, and overall deviation from past Fallout installments. Making matters worse, Bethesda recently slashed prices on this title which has upset many fans who spent upwards of $70 to pre-order this game. Bethesda has yet to officially respond to this backlash from both critics and fans alike.


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