Does a Small Tech Firm Know How to Crack an iPhone?


DriveSavers might not be the most well-known tech company, but the enterprise might find itself very popular quite soon. DriveSavers claims it can break into locked iPhones and recover stored data. Moreover, the data recovery company claims to be able to do so with 100% success. iPhones aren’t entirely impenetrable. Tech wizards have come up with ways to break into the devices. Doing so with a 100% success rate, however, seems nearly impossible. DriveSavers claims to do the impossible. Are the claims valid though?

Cracking the password of an Apple iOS device isn’t easy. Law enforcement agencies don’t always find breaking into a locked iPhone all that doable. DriverSaver makes bold claims “Passcode Lockout Data Recovery” service’s ability to do so. Making a claim through a promotional campaign is one thing. Delivering on all promises is something else.

Significant technological breakthroughs are possible. Innovative technology designers and engineers come up with new ways to do things all the time. The iPhone represents the brilliant innovations possible in the tech world. Twenty-five years ago, the iPhone’s concept existed mainly in the world of science-fiction. Today, the communications/computer/media device seems positively quaint.

Granted, the iPhone emerged from the research and development corridors of a multibillion-dollar company. Apple’s resources are vast. DriveSavers isn’t the same size and scope of Apple. Could a small company come up with a successful means of breaking Apple’s passcode? As the saying goes, stranger — and less probable — things happen.

Apple likely looks at DriveSavers’ claim with great alarm. The tech giant won’t be thrilled about a smaller company figuring out how to break through its security codes. Whether Apple can do anything about the situation is a question mark. Also ambiguous is the accuracy of Driversavers’ claims. No one knows for sure right now if the company indeed can do what it claims to do at 100% effectiveness.


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