Criminal Charges Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Are Sealed But Not For Long


WikiLeaks is the Robin Hood-type tech company that exposes dark and hidden government secrets. WikiLeaks spills the corrupt beans so people around the world can understand how corrupt some political actors and their agendas can be. But that Robin Hood image doesn’t fit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Sasse thinks Assange should go to prison for life. Senator Sasse believes WikiLeaks spreads foreign propaganda in order to compromise the government of the United States.

But Donald Trump didn’t share that description of WikiLeaks when Assange was working behind the scenes to expose Hillary Clinton’s emails. Trump told his followers he loved WikiLeaks. Mr. Trump wasn’t the only conservative singing the praises of WikiLeaks. Conservatives came out of the woodwork back in 2016, and they all thought Julian Assange was on their side. They gave Assange the title of whistle-blower, and Fox News congratulated Australian-born Assange for showing the world how phony, dishonest, and corrupt the American government is.

Former Attorney Jeff Sessions wanted to bring WikiLeaks and Assange down. But the president didn’t want to rock Assange’s boat while he hides in Ecuador’s Embassy in London. After all, some news reports say Don Jr. contacted WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. Trump doesn’t want his son mixed up in the alleged conspiracy to bring Hillary Clinton down. But his effort to protect Don Jr. may be too little too late, according to news reports that say Don Jr. could be on Mueller’s indictment list.

The U.S. government put a target on Assange’s back in 2010 when WikiLeaks released a plethora of sensitive U.S. documents Chelsea Manning discovered and wanted to do something about. The quest to lock Assange up made Julian run for cover in 2012. Julian hasn’t moved out of his cushy London prison since then. But the quest to prosecute Assange for a number of crimes including a Swedish sexual assault charge hasn’t been successful. But that was before Robert Mueller’s investigation got underway.

Even though the charges against Assange are still a mystery, the word on the street is the Mueller team has information about Assange’s alleged role in helping Russia foil Hillary’s chances of being elected in 2016. That information allegedly came from Roger Stone. Mr. Stone is a Trump friend and big Trump supporter. Stone is also on Mueller’s indictment list, according to recent news reports.


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