Cloudwick’s CDL Cloud-based Update is Changing the Cybersecurity Game

Cloudwick cybersecurity

As cyber threats and hackers increase in intelligence and sophistication, traditional anti-virus and privacy software remains in the dark. That’s why Cybersecurity Data Lake, or CDL, is such an important development in today’s digital environment. In 2018 alone, millions of users of popular apps and websites have been hacked or subjected to a breach that could have easily been predicted and contained. And it’s not just standard data breaches that are the problem. The purpose of CDL is to monitor and defeat everything from malware and ransomware to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). For small and large businesses alike, having a many-pronged approach to cybersecurity isn’t just the safest way forward: It’s the only way forward.

A Democratic Approach to Cybersecurity

Cloudwick cybersecurity No matter how far we’ve come in the past few years regarding cybersecurity, there’s still a long way to go. Many smaller companies find that limited funds hinder their efforts. They must also take into account the assumption that an up-and-coming business won’t be targeted on the same scale as a huge corporate entity. Sadly, while that may have been the reality in earlier days, that simply isn’t true any longer. With some internet security issues, a targeted approach is best, especially if you’re trying to solve a smaller, self-contained problem in the office. However, isolating a threat and simply dealing with it as a specific problem unconnected to a larger breach or security issue doesn’t work for many companies. Ridding your business of cyber threats isn’t just about damage control; it’s about stopping the problem, breach, or risk before it even begins. The best way for companies to accomplish this is by arming themselves with accurate statistics and figures, and that’s precisely what CDL is there for.

A democratic cybersecurity system creates new possibilities for businesses trying to protect their privacy, as well as that of their consumer base. CDL manages surveillance software effectively, so you know every move your antagonists make. For risk analysts, and even CEOs, this is a huge development. The ability to capture and study the statistics of a data breach can be instrumental in preventing a second attack. Plus, having the numbers at your disposal means that your board members can stay completely apprised of any new developments. Assessing risk becomes much accessible once you can see the actual numbers in front of you. Risk also becomes easier to plan for and avoid when you can surveil the problem at-scale.

A Cloud-Based Security System

cloud based CloudwickAlthough reports from last year show that the use of ransomware is trending downward, the use of bitcoin-mining software shows no sign of slowing down. Though this might seem less harmful than using an invasive program to demand ransom money for sensitive information, in the grand scheme of things, bitcoin-mining malware can be just as big of a problem, especially if you’re allowing it to go completely undetected. It’s no longer enough to install anti-virus software, especially when malware and data theft are on the rise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re protecting a few clients or millions of app users: Your business depends on using an up-to-the-minute, cloud-based security system that stops thieves in their tracks. CDL’s latest cloud-based update makes it more agile than ever, monitoring suspicious activity, analyzing data around the clock, and collecting information constantly to form an even more complete report about every potential threat to your company.

A Smarter Way to Save Billions

Cloudwick security In the past, smaller companies assumed that dealing with a threat when and if it appeared was a more economical approach to cybersecurity than investing in a security system up front. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Today, the average cost to a company after a malware episode is around $2.5 million. For a small company, that could be enough to shut down operations. Even for bigger corporations, it could have the even worse effect of causing the client base to feel betrayed and distrustful. Neither of these scenarios will do for the modern, growing marketplace.

CDL doesn’t just offer preventative technology to help businesses grow unimpeded by the scandal of a data breach or malware attack. By keeping CEOs, risk analysts, and technicians in the loop about who and what might present a threat to the company at all times, CDL allows businesses to stay far ahead of their attackers. The reality is that cyber threats and hackers are growing more sophisticated each day, while their methods of attack are not. In fact, 92% of malware is still transported through email. As hackers and bots gain power from the use of advanced AI technology, we can’t expect workers to fight the problem by not checking their emails and growing ever more suspicious of their inboxes. Instead, it’s up to companies to start using CDL technology to stay ahead of the game, rather than doing the bare minimum to keep crucial data safe.

From the $4 billion-dollar Equifax breach that hobbled the credit score company in 2017, to the $6 trillion-per-year estimated in damages costs by the year 2021, it’s becoming clear that cybersecurity simply can’t afford to lag behind. Companies that expect to thrive can’t just come on the scene with a great business plan and a core audience: They also need a failsafe, fool-proof plan for staying afloat in an age of toxic cyber attacks. That’s exactly what CDL offers in its new, updated version.

About Cloudwick

big-data-analytics-cloudwickSince 2010, the Newark, CA-based company has been coming up with solutions for the fast-paced world of cybersecurity. CDL, a security system which premiered in 2017 at the Black Hat USA convention, is one of its flagship properties. Using trusted vendors like Intel, Logtrust, ProtectWise, Bricata, SolarFlare, H2O, and AWS, CDL allows companies to stay abreast of threats, statistics, and potential data breaches with its up-to-the-minute surveillance tech. Cloudwick is one of the first companies worldwide to provide completely democratic, at-scale solutions for cyber-breaches and security snares.


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