Belgium Bans 3 Mobile Games Utilizing Loot Boxes


In recent years, gamers have been venting their frustrations about video games. These frustrations don’t come from being unable to complete difficult levels. Instead, many video game fans are voicing their concern regarding what is known as loot boxes. Considering that, Belgian officials are now officially striking back at the inclusion of loot boxes in video games.

What Are Loot Boxes?
If you haven’t played recent video game titles, you might be unaware of the growing discontent for loot boxes. Loot boxes, sometimes known as prize crates, are in-game items players can redeem. While this might seem beneficial for players, the main problem with loot boxes is that the prizes are randomized. This means that someone could spend $5 for a loot box, not knowing whether they’ll receive a truly valuable item or something worth far less.

A Form of Gambling?
In the beginning, few people took notice of the problems associated with loot boxes. However, many began to voice their discontent about these boxes as they became more common in video games. As time went on, loot boxes also became more prevalent in games meant for mobile devices. Many mobile game players are children, this is where the resentment for loot boxes began to grow. Many people feel that loot boxes are legalized forms of gambling.

Belgium Bans Three Mobile Games
The Verge reports that Belgium officially banned three mobile video games from their country’s players: Mobius Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and Kingdom Hearts Union X. Video game fans will recognize that these are popular titles, each with their own large following. Regardless of the popularity of these titles, Belgium’s justice minister was quoted as saying that these games are “dangerous for mental health.”

To summarize, Belgium recently enacted a country-wide ban of three popular mobile games. These games are free-to-play which means they can be downloaded for free. That being said, most of these types of games make a profit through the implementation of loot boxes. Companies releasing games that utilize loot boxes in Belgium could face prison sentences of up to five years.


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