Apple Addresses iPhone X Touchscreen Woes


The iPhone X hasn’t set the world on fire from a sales perspective. Sales in overseas markets such as China seem to do well, but the iPhone X doesn’t appear to be a huge hit in the United States. Apple’s sliding stock price indicates soft sales. The last thing Apple needs is complaints about an unresponsive iPhone X touchscreen. Unfortunately, that’s a technical problem plaguing the phones. To address buyer concerns, Apple is replacing unresponsive touchscreens at no charge

Apple’s generosity may be self-serving. The company doesn’t need any bad publicity surrounding their vaunted new release.

Apple wants its customers to be happy. Keeping customers happy allows them to remain returning customers. Customers won’t continue to buy products if they aren’t happy. Little displeases customers more than purchasing products that don’t work as promised.

Problems logged by consumers include not only instances of the iPhone X not responding to touch, but also the device acting on its own without anyone touching the screen. The latter problem brings a comedy of errors element to the malfunctioning iPhone. Apple wants to get a handle on the iPhone X’s woes before it suffers a full-blown public relations nightmare. There’s only so many bad reviews a product can receive before sales receive a massively detrimental effect.

Apple acknowledged a design flaw causes the unresponsive touchscreen. “Failed display components” are blamed for the troubles. Since the fault doesn’t derive from consumers misusing the iPhone, Apple has to cover the costs of repairing the devices. Failure to do so could ruin sales of future products. Consumers may forgive a flawed product. The won’t excuse a company’s refusal to address the flaws nor address buyer concerns.

Customers experiencing issues with their iPhone X’s touchscreen must take the product to an authorized repair representative. The rep will perform a proper examination and, if necessary, a fix.


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