App Helps College Students Stay Connected With Their Family Members And Friends


Bailey Peterschmidt originally did not like her dad’s idea to help her and her college friends stay in touch with their families. She stated that she already had friends at school that she could talk to. Bailey’s father, Stephen, developed the Porchlight app last year. When Bailey saw the app, she thought that it was a good idea.

Lonely people are not the only ones who will benefit from using this app. It is for everyone who wants to stay connected to the people they love. The app is currently available to students who attend UT Austin. It will soon be available to people who attend UCCS in Colorado Springs.

Stephen created this app after he found out that he had cancer. He had worked as a mechanical engineer prior to his cancer diagnosis. He was lonely because his family members did not live in the same city. He stated that the cancer brought everyone back together.

Stephen’s cancer did not just affect him. It affected everyone in his family. Everyone was able to talk their mood and how their day went. He stated that people would only talk a few times a year when something tragic happened. He did not want that to happen.

The Porchlight app allows people to check in with their family members each day. It only takes 20 seconds of their time. People will be able to stay in touch without having to drop everything that they are doing.

One person will be able to send out a message to the entire group. However, they can respond to each other individually. Bailey stated that the app has had a positive impact on the relationship that she has had with her brother. They are able to talk to each other every day. She stated that they have a better relationship now than they did when they lived in the same house.


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