Next-Gen Chromecast Specs Revealed by Best Buy Blunder


Google may be preparing to release a new Chromecast in the near future. Although the company hasn’t confirmed a third-generation Chromecast, a retail store was reported to have accidentally sold it a customer.

According to Yahoo Finance, electronics retailer Best Buy accidentally sold the third-generation Chromecast to a Reddit user in September. After discovering the streaming media device on a shelf, the user asked a store employee for a price check. Because the third-generation Chromecast wasn’t in Best Buy’s system at the time, however, the store sold it to the Reddit user for $35, the same price as the current second-generation Chromecast.

Being the first consumer to purchase the third-generation Chromecast, the Reddit user has shared some details of Google’s new product. Among other things, the third-generation Chromecast features Bluetooth connectivity. It’s unknown how exactly the streaming media device will use Bluetooth though some tech enthusiasts believe that it may be used for connecting wireless peripherals like keyboards, mouses and video game controllers. For internet connectivity, the third-generation Chromecast will likely use standard Wi-Fi.

The Reddit user claims that the third-generation Chromecast requires a software update to function. Therefore, anyone else who’s lucky enough to get their hands on the streaming media device before it’s officially launched won’t be able to use it; they’ll have to wait until Google releases the software update, which will likely occur simultaneously with the product’s launch.

The third-generation Chromecast is also expected to feature a larger design than its predecessors. And instead of a glossy black finish, it will feature a matte black finish.

Chromecast is the brainchild of Majd Bakar, vice president of product management and engineering at Google. Bakar was inspired to develop the streaming media device after discovering that his wife, Carla, was using her laptop to stream movies and TV shows to the couple’s television. To simplify the process of streaming media to a TV, Bakar came up with the original design for the Chromecast. Since then, it’s become one of the world’s most popular streaming media devices.

Google is holding an event on Oct. 9 in Paris where it will announce several new products, including the Pixel 3. Google may use this opportunity to unveil the third-generation Chromecast.


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