New Technology Will Bring Internet To Thousands Of People In Rural Area


Rick Snyder is the governor of Michigan. He is trying to make sure that everyone in Michigan has access to Broadband internet. He made a promise back in January that Broadband access would increase in rural areas. He has stated that there are several reasons that he is making sure that people have access to Broadband internet.

Michigan is currently 30th in the nation for Broadband availability. Over 350,000 households in Michigan do not have access to high-speed internet. Most of these people live in rural areas.

Governor Snyder stated that they can increase economic opportunity by bringing high-speed internet to more people. Packerland Broadband has teamed up with Microsoft in order to bring more people high-speed internet. Amy TenEyck is one of the people who has high-speed internet for the first time. She stated that she did not think that she would be able to have internet for a long time.

Jason, who is Amy’s husband, has talked about the convenience of having high-speed internet. He stated that the new internet is 25 to 40 times faster than it was before. He also stated that he has had trouble with his previous internet. It took a long time for the pages to load.

High-speed internet has made life a lot more convenient. It is easier for the kids to their homework. The family has also been able to find what they need on the internet a lot faster.

Cory Higel is the vice president of Packerland Broadband. He stated that the internet is making it easier for people to stay connected. He also stated that Michigan had a digital divide, and that is not good for anybody. Jack Bergman is a 1st District congressman. He is also pushing for more people to have internet access. He stated that Broadband connectivity will benefit families and businesses.

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