New App Will Help You Save Money On Bottled Water


A company called Tap is making it easier for you to save money on bottled water. They released an app on Tuesday that will identify places that have safe, clean water. It has lists of retail stores, restaurants and water fountains.

You can download the Tap app on your Android or Apple device. It has a list of 34,000 refill stations. The stations are in 7,100 cities and 30 countries. People who work for the company have spent the past few months traveling around the world to find places that sold clean water. They made sure that the companies were okay with the public coming in and getting water.

Samuel Rosen is the founder of Tap. He stated that water is an overpriced good. He also stated that he believes people are being robbed of their water. The water is being taken from people and given to large corporations.

Samuel is the co-founder of a company called Makespace. He left the company in November 2017 to start Tap. He decided to start this company after he paid $5 for a water bottle at the airport. Read: Bottled Water Market

Samuel hopes that the app will help people save money on water. He also hopes that the app will help cut down on waste. Consumers will likely start seeing the Tap sympbols in windows at various businesses. The app also gives people information about the types of beverages that the business sells.

Global warming is a major problem. Environmentalists have stated that if major changes are not made, then the environment will be in grave danger by the year 2030. Plastic bottles are one of the the things that have contributed to global warming. This plastic is also threatening aquatic life because it often ends up in the ocean.

Tap is not the first company to offer an app to help people find water. Nonprofit WeTap, which is an app that helps people find water fountains, has been around for six years.


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