Nampa Police Department Has App to Help Sexual Assault Victims


People who have been a victim of sexual assault can now use an app to get help. The Nampa Police Department and Nampa Family Justice Center have teamed up to release this app. This app is free, and you can download it on your Smartphone.

The app allows the victim to be in control of how they handle the situation. They will be able to input information about the crime. They will also be able to choose how and when they will report the crime.

Eric Skolugund is a police officer who works for the Nampa Police Department. He stated that the app will explain what will happen during a medical exam. It will also tell them what they can expect when they file a police report.

Many people are afraid to go the police department and report a sexual assault. Eric said that most people will be more comfortable using the app than going to the police station. He hopes that the app will encourage more people to report their sexual assault.

The app is available in several different languages. People who live outside of Nampa can also use this app. If a crime happens in another city, then they will be able to get information about where they can go to report it. Eric stated that they are still researching and finding out what they can do to help sexual assault victims.

If you want the desktop version of the app, then you can visit You can also call 888-865-9863. This is not the only app available to help sexual assault victims. Callisto is another tool that people can use in order to discreetly report sexual assault. Studies have shown that people who use Callisto are six times more likely to report a rape or sexual assault.


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