Google Updates Mobile Homepage with New Layout


The next time you visit on your smartphone or tablet, you may notice a new layout. According to TechCrunch, Google is rolling out a new design for its mobile homepage. Known as Google Discover, it’s intended to replace the search engine company’s existing bare-bones design.

Previously, Google’s mobile homepage consisted primarily of a basic search box. Google Discover still contains this same iconic search box with which so many users are familiar, but it also contains a personalized feed of web page listings relevant to the user’s preferences and search history. Most of these listings are news articles though some are sports or entertainment related.

If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can check out Google Discover by visiting The top of the layout is the same as before. Below the Google search box, though, you’ll see listings for web pages that Google believes may interest you. Each listing contains a keyword, title, description and an image. Furthermore, the listings reveal the date on which the web page was published, allowing users to access timely, relevant content.

Google first announced Discover in September as part of the company’s plan to rebrand Google Feed. Available on the Google app, Google Feed also displays personalized listings. Google Discover, however, is integrated directly into Google’s mobile homepage, meaning all mobile users who visit will see these personalized listings, regardless of whether they used the Google app.

To customize their Discover feed, mobile users must first launch the Google app on their smartphone or tablet. Once launched, users can then subscribe topics like weather, sports or entertainment. But even without any manual customization, Google will automatically display relevant listings in users’ Discover feed based on their search history.

Google Discover is available for Android and iOS users in the United States. Google has not announced a Discover release date for mobile users in the United Kingdom.


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