Flavio Maluf Brings Attention to Brazil’s Tax Incentives For Businesses in Brazil


Eucatex president Flavio Maluf urges businesses in Brazil to consider seeking tax incentives to improve profit and help the community, creating a win-win situation for all involved. Companies in the area often find it hard to maintain their profitability when faced with a range of setbacks and challenges.

According to Maluf, they can bypass those roadblocks by considering the tax benefits to which they have access. In addition to improving their bottom line, these businesses can also make the locations in which they operate great places for hard-working people in need of jobs.

A lot of companies have already done so and are pleased with the results they have achieved. The people in the communities are also thrilled to see growing economic stability and a hope for a bright future. The government can work with business professionals and citizens to improve the standard of living across the nation, and the rewards are breathtaking.

Regional Tax Benefits

A lot of people live in areas that have few job opportunities available, and they don’t know what they can do about the issue. Relocating is not always an option because some people can’t afford to do so, but regional tax breaks could be the answer. The government offers tax incentives to companies who establish stores and factories in areas with a poor economy.

The tax breaks more than make up for the decreased sales that businesses expect to earn in these locations. The move has attracted businesses from a range of industries to cities and towns in need of an economic boost, and the benefits are easy to see.

Directed Tax

The directed tax is a fantastic way for any business to support a worthy cause or organization. This tax incentive allows businesses to choose how the government uses the money they pay in taxes. They can, for example, request that the government direct more tax funds to support companies that promote green energy, or they can stand behind organizations that aim to end global hunger.

Supporting worthy causes is also an excellent public relations move because it can attract the attention of prospects who support the same causes. Companies that learn of this option for the first time are thrilled to move forward and control the government’s use of tax money. Many companies opt to support the same values their prospects find important, which helps the people have a strong public voice. These factors come together and let everyone enjoy the benefits of tax incentives.

About Flavio

A hard-working individual, Flavio Maluf began his career with Eucatex in 1987. His uncle was the president of the company at the time but made Maluf prove himself before offering a promotion. After he worked for the company for nine years, Maluf finally earned a position among the company’s top executives because of his effort and willingness to improve at all times.

He worked as an executive for about one year before reaching his next milestone, becoming the president of the company in 1997. The value a company can offer its customers relates to the level of success the company can expect over time. Maluf believes creating win-win situations is the best solution for businesses and the community.

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