California Makes A Move On Password Bans


Online security consistently suffers from unwanted compromises. Hackers steal Wi-Fi connections, access credit card information, and find their way into the hard drives of mainly secure computers. Unfortunately, there are device owners who make things incredibly easy for crooks. Lazy password choices such as using the word “password “ open doors that should be closed to thieves. The state of California has taken additional steps to help those who won’t help themselves. The state passed legislation designed to force manufacturers to ban weak default passwords.

The new law also ties in the hands of otherwise indifferent manufacturers. A manufacturer realizes that customers sometimes want to do things the easiest way possible. Coming up with complicated passwords annoys some consumers. So does dealing with a default password set by a manufacturer. And the manufacturer shares some blame here. The seller doesn’t want to compromise brand loyalty by arbitrarily adding new password rules. The state of California took things into its own hands and changed consumer statutes.

Some might complain about this rule, but it doesn’t hamper the buyer or seller in any real way. Everyone can enjoy the status quo for the next two years. In 2020, the new rules in California go into effect.

The internet consistently faces the scourge of bots. Bots — aka robotic programs — perform automated functions with the intention of carrying out all sorts of mischief. Compromising and stealing from private networks remains a common task of bots. Bots designed to type in common passwords on various internet-connected systems frequently hack into tons of devices. The “it couldn’t happen to me“ attitude these many to avoid coming up with decent passwords. Their lax attitude to create trouble for themselves and others.

Rather than continue to see residents suffer from someone’s carelessness, California changed the rules. The new changes won’t require a difficult adjustment period. Once in effect, the rules will eliminate a host of problems.


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