Bose to Launch New Hearing Aid Headphones


Bose is most known for its stereo systems and headphones. However, the Massachusetts-based company may soon release a hearing aid. According to TechCrunch, Bose is planning to launch a new type of headphones that’s designed specifically for people who are hearing impaired.

Known as the Bose Hearing Aid, the company’s new product features sensors that collect and measure sound vibrations. The Hearing Aid then amplifies the sound vibrations as it plays them through an earpiece. This won’t help people who suffer from complete hearing loss, but it may prove useful for individuals suffering from partial hearing loss.

Nearly 40 million Americans have trouble hearing, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). It’s such a common problem that it’s responsible for 5 percent of all disability cases globally. But there’s hope on the horizon for the countless men, women and children suffering from hearing loss as new medical advancements are paving the way for better, more effective hearing aid solutions.

The Bose Hearing Aid offers a simple, nonsurgical way to improve a person’s hearing. The product captures ambient nose and plays it back at a louder volume through an earpiece. It also features a mobile companion app for Android and iOS that allows users to adjust playback volume. A user suffering from severe hearing impairment, for example, can access the app to increase his or her device’s playback volume. In comparison, a user suffering from mild hearing impairment may want to lower the playback volume.

Before releasing any new product in the United States that’s intended to treat or prevent a medical condition, companies must first receive approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This won’t impede Bose’s desire to launch Hearing Aid, however, as the company has already received FDA approval. On Oct. 5, Bose announced that its Hearing Aid had been approved by the FDA. This means Bose can legally market Hearing Aid for the treatment of hearing impairment.

During the evaluation process, the FDA analyzed several studies involving a total of 125 patients suffering from hearing impairment. The FDA concluded that the Bose Hearing Aid was effective at treating this otherwise common condition.

Bose hasn’t announced a price for its new Hearing Aid. Considering that the company’s current noise-cancelling headphones cost $449, though, it won’t be cheap.


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