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Believable virtual reality requires technology that previous generations of VR enthusiast could not have imagined. Not only has this tech arrived, its gone mainstream. Millions of Americans and billions of global citizens are beginning to bring VR tech into their homes and workspaces. These trends are driven by ever-expanding visions of what VR software and content can be. As the cost of VR glasses and VR headsets continue to drop, there will be a continued incentive to create captivating content and innovative applications for VR. Here is some of the coolest VR content as of 2018 as well as some innovative business applications that are sure to raise the bottom line.

The Future of VR Games

VR has a rich history in gaming. This history has contributed to some of the biggest developments in VR and has lead to some truly excellent content. One recent game that has caught the attention of the gaming community is Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. The game puts users right smack dab in the middle of the Rick and Morty universe. The game is compatible with VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and was published by Adult Swim Games. The game came at an interesting time as the award-winning show was having production difficulties. But the shows creator’s put personal difference aside opting to take the opportunity of breaking into the newly developed VR space.

Another Hot VR game of 2018 is EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone. This game is a space-based dogfighting game, that puts users in control of spaceships in a series of game modes. IGN gave EVE 4 out of 5 stars with one critic praising the game as, “a great example of how a traditional game genre can be made much better when it’s designed to be played in virtual reality… [B]eing able to turn your head to track an enemy ship as it zips overhead and aim a weapon with your face. It’s a whole new level of dogfighting.” When venturing into the new VR offerings be sure to double-check the games cookie policy.


VR iPhone and Android

One recent AR game available to iOS and android users is the new Walking Dead title, The Walking Dead: Our World. Unveiled just in time for this year’s Comic-con event in San Diego, had user’s defending themselves from zombie attacks all over the convention. Capitalizing on one of the strongest fans tv bases, the game allows players to fight the zombie hordes alongside such familiar characters as Daryl, Michonne and Rick. The Walking Dead creator’s will continue their venture into AR and VR as they announced the 2019 offering, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

VR Software

The same VR glasses, VR headset’s, and VR goggles that are being used to game it up are also being used for business applications. Companies like Tsunami XR are bringing global communications solutions to industries with AR and VR. One of their primary offerings is Tsunami workspaces that allow for on-demand collaborations across any device. By creating a virtual workspace, Tsunami allows its clients from across the world to come together in an instant. Collaboration becomes a breeze with Tsunami workspaces and companies utilizing this software are saving huge amounts on business travel.

Prototyping and design are also benefitting from new VR technology. In production and manufacturing businesses, VR is allowing engineers and designers to inspect every aspect of a process, or mechanism before starting production. Testing performance and reliability can be done under any virtual condition at a quicker, cheaper, and safer rate. Rather than making full-scale prototypes, companies who have invested in up-front platforming cost can carry out their ideas virtually. Companies like Airbus and Boeing have done just that. Tsunami XR has developed Tsunami Studios to complete 3D rendering, animation, simulation and visualization solutions.



VR as an Industry Service

VR can bring previously unrealized savings to every branch and department of a company. Literally ever department from distribution to marketing to research and development. But for smaller companies unable to invest in the overhead costs associated with VR and initial coding cost will be able to use VR as a service. Alex Hern led Tsunami XR is now offering customizable VR services like Tsunami Workforce and Tsunami Studios to an array of industries around the globe.

Alex Hern and Tsunami XR

Alex Hern has a long history of Tech entrepreneurship. For over 25 years, Alex Hern worked with the early stage and incubation of technologies. This experience is rare in the wild west that is the tech landscape. Hern’s history has given him and Tsunami XR, an edge in the VR solutions creation space. Tsunami was founded in 2014 by Dave Ross. Tsunami XR is at the forefront of VR innovation.


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  1. We are finally getting close to the future, but still so far away…I believe VR Will go beyond expectation.But the more I used the headset the more I felt depressed and even a bit sad about using it. I can’t properly put it into words but it has to do with noticing how that seems to be just another attempt to escape what is.Virtual reality okay, but… in reality I don’t think that is just like that.

  2. well VR technology was originally developed by an senior IEEE fellow and is known father of VR. today VR technology is going far behind for every usage in. Smaller applications to large movie industries, VR is playing an amazing world. I like it a far bit and its proper usage.

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  4. Is there ever going to be an end to what technology can do? VR gaming is getting better and better. VR keeps progressing. Great article.

  5. I’m really excited about all the possibilities virtual reality has to offer. Entire worlds we never knew existed will open up soon, and we’ll all be able to take that “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”! We could even have virtual workspaces “on Mars”. How neat is that!


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