Actor Keegan-Michael Key Talks About 5G Technology


There is no question that the hype around 5G technology has been off the charts. The public is very eager to see what wonders this next generation of technology could bring to them. In fact, the hype has been so enormous that it has brought out some sketch comedy responses to how much people are going wild for it.

Actor Keegan-Michael Key is the latest to throw in his two cents in comedic form when it comes to 5G technology. He has never been one to shy away from speaking on a topic that is in the news. On his show Key & Peele topics like this one are covered all the time. That is why he decided that he wanted to talk about 5G on the show.

Key was recently quizzed on what exactly 5G technology is and how it will change the world. He actually struggled to provide the answers. He made some jokes along the way during the laid back quiz.

CNet says that he asked what about 5G technology makes him excited. In typical Key form, he said that the fact that it was two degrees better than 3G and one degree better than 4G is what had him excited about it. Of course, this was all done in a tongue in cheek manner.

5G technology is something that is extremely exciting to a lot of people. It is the next great leap forward in technology and speed that we have all been waiting for. That matters to many people who have been wondering what the world will look like as we continue to add on yet another layer of speed to the work that we do.

This technology is going to make it possible to download more data and information than ever before. Keegan-Michael Key joked about deciding to download every episode of every show from his childhood. He says that he would have the ability to do exactly that if he were given the 5G technology to work with.

The fact that Keegan-Michael Key was willing to speak about this kind of technology was highly useful. It was a great way to bring some people who may not have a strong technology background into the conversation. They may not know much about 5G technology on its surface, but if they are fans of Key then they can at least learn a little bit more about it by listening to what he has to say on the subject.


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